Targets for a New Year

This coming year I’ve decided there’s a few subjects that I want to get better understanding of and through the year I’ll tailor the books and posts that I read to achieve this goal.

The first topic I’d like to improve on is Kubernetes. I’ve already got a working/solid base of knowledge for Kubernetes but want a more thorough working knowledge. There are so many incredible benefits that come along with using Kubernetes for hosting applications on infrastructure that it truly has to be the way forward for all applications. With fault tolerance, self healing, health checks and in-place image upgrades.

I can’t for the life of me work out why people would continue to use traditional types of hosting other than cost and lack of motivation to improve their skillset.

The next topic I’m going to focus on for the year is to get a better and more thorough understanding of Git. I have a good working knowledge and use it daily within my working professional life. It also gets a good amount of usage in life outside of the office for things like notes and other documents.