Effects of a Holiday to Long Term Mental Well-being

On a recent vacation I spent some time thinking over about the changes I’ve made to my life. Over the course of the last few years I’ve made some large changes in my personal situation, my work life and pretty much all aspects where change could be made.

I came to the conclusion that we tend to make large changes in ourselves during these periods of vacation. That’s a period of time where we can relax, unwind and reflect on our lives. This time gives us the isolation from work, perhaps a partner and from family. You get time to think over every tiny aspect in as much detail as you want to and I’m sure with that ability we feel like we’re in a position to make much larger changes that we would make it we were sat at home in our ‘normal’ situation.

It’d be interesting to see studies around the difference in decision making for people during their normal everyday lives versus when they’re on holiday. I’m near certain that there will be a difference between the two and perhaps when you feel relaxed and at peace - you can devote more of your mental energy into making a decision and working out what the best decision is for yourself.

If you contrast that to when we’re normally making decisions - ie, at work in the office or at home during rushed days in the week - its easy to see why some people may make decisions that they later feel they regret. I always try to balance the need to make a decision on its gravity. If its something important for work or home and a major decision, I can take days to make this choice as I weigh up the options for each. So many people feel the need to make quick, snap decisions that later come back to hurt - I don’t see the point in that. Take the time and make the correct decision.